Thursday, December 3, 2009

NEW Colors in the Classic Lines!!!

Well, it has been a long while since we have piped up with any news!

What a great fall & winter season it has been for our yarn. I hope that all of you have been appreciating the cool weather and doing lots of knitting!

We are pleased to announce a BRAND new O~Wool® color, French Lilac. She is a pretty new color and likes to snuggle up to other colors and blend right in! We have found that she can be more blue or more grey or more purple depending on who she is making time with.

Here we have featured the color in a new free pattern available on our web site at:

The scarf can be made from one skein of O~Wool® Classic and is suitable for all skill levels!

We have also added FOUR colors into our O~Wool® Classic 2-Ply line!! Anyone who has a love of fair isle and intarsia will be delighted to find an expanded pallet in this yarn.

There are a total of four new 2-Ply colors... the two mentioned above-
  1. French Lilac
  2. Evergreen
  3. Plum
  4. Mulberry
    This expands the 2-Ply pallet to 16 colors. (yay!)

We have a new pattern using all of the new 2-Ply colors. It is called the Stewart Thistle Tam:

This was inspired by Lynn Stewart-Parker... who requested a Scottish Thistle design. ~~Thanks Lynn!

We also had an inquiry for 4 colors of 2-Ply for a pair of mittens by the talented designer Nanette Blanchard of Knitting in Color. We offered her our newest colors and without even seeing them in person she was "game" to try them out.

She came up with a beautiful design she calls "Tijeras Mittens". She describes them this way:

'The color work patterns on these fun-to-knit mittens resemble cut-outs (Tijeras means scissors in Spanish). Four colors of organic yarn are used: Plum, Mulberry, Evergreen, and Lilac. The mittens are knit from cuff to tip and feature a peasant thumb and a ribbed cuff.' -Nanette Blanchard

You can see them here and also on!

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