Friday, September 12, 2008

Something Old, and Something New

Well, it’s been too long, and really there are no excuses …although I can come up with a few. In any case, it sure is time to get back to this WEEKLY blog!

So, here at O-Wool we are getting closer to offering a new line of 100% certified organic wool hand knitting yarn in 12 wonderful colors inspired by nature. We are all looking forward to seeing the new shades, and are busy knitting up swatches for the sales reps kits. In the meantime, my job has included making up the little skeinlets that you see in the sample packets when you open a new account, or get a sample at a trade show. These little samples offer between 10 and 20 yds of yarn so that someone can actually knit a little swatch.

What I find interesting about this task is that the machine we use is truly a functioning antique. It weighs about 50 lbs, is made of heavy gauge indestructible iron, and has gears that work together like a dream. The crank just begs to be turned. It’s magnificent.

So, I feel like I take a step into the past when I use this wonderful tool. Its an amazing time we live in ...when one can go from this old machine to typing on a computer ...all in a quick minute. Globally I hope we can appreciate the well functioning old tools as well as the great advances of the new. Its an ongoing process of evaluation that we all take part in every day.